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Lessons are usually taught on a one-to-one basis and relate to your needs. The teacher's hands together with verbal instruction encourage the release of inappropriate tension and guide you through everyday activities such as standing, sitting and walking. In this way, you will learn to appreciate how thought affects action and experience how breathing can become easier and movement can become freer, lighter and more enjoyable.

Benefits of learning the Alexander Technique

They include help with:
  • back problems
  • neck and shoulder tension
  • repetitive strain injury (RSI)
  • breathing disorders
  • voice problems
  • fatigue/chronic fatigue syndrome
  • stress and tensions
It also helps improve:
  • how we present ourselves
  • our balance and co-ordination
  • our sense of well-being
  • self confidence
  • performance in all activities
  • posture & poise

The Alexander Technique changed my life. It enabled me to devote more time to creating beauty. The inner strength is essential for all
Andrew Logan, sculptor and creator of the Alternative Miss World

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