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What is the Alexander Technique?

This world renowned technique teaches us to use ourselves better – it improves general co-ordination, in other words – enabling us to deal with any activity (from using a keyboard to giving a presentation) with ease and efficiency so that we enjoy our activities more.

We all develop habitual tension patterns in our bodies which become the way we go about all our daily activities. The cost of this is loss of poise, poor posture, stress and neck and shoulder pain, backache, loss of confidence and vocal problems. The Technique is concerned with teaching us to eliminate these harmful tension habits, through an increased awareness of the way in which we misuse ourselves, so that the body's own natural functions can be restored and come back into operation. The gain is freedom of movement, improved posture and poise, reduced stress and pain, confidence and freedom in vocal expression.

The Alexander Technique can help people to organise themselves with maximum efficiency in their work and everyday life and in coping with physical problems. Learning the Technique can also help us to think on our feet - a vital skill relevant not only in the workplace but also in our personal and social lives. It gives us a powerful tool for self development.

The Alexander Technique makes a real difference to my often tense and busy life. Its thoughtful approach has made me calmer, improved my concentration and given me a clearer sense of my own well-being. I am grateful for it.
Joan Bakewell, TV presenter and columnist

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